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The Great Commission

Missions is at the heart of Faith Baptist Church. We believe the Great Commission was given to the local, new testament church. It is the duty of the each church to fulfill their purpose of evangelizing, baptizing, and discipling new believers.


Faith Baptist Church has been faithfully supporting missionaries through Faith Promise Giving since the 1990's. Currently, we support over 19 missionaries on a monthly basis. We have missionaries in several countries including Peru, South Africa, Honduras, and many other countries.

We also support several "missionaries" in the United States. This includes church plants in Indiana and Kansas, as well as missionaries to Native American tribes.

Among our supported missionaries are also faith servants in countries that are closed to the Gospel. We can't mention them by name on our website, but we try to mention them always in our prayers.

If you have any questions about how Faith Promise giving is conducted, please reach out us. We believe everyone should be personally involved in missions and participate in Faith Promise giving no matter how big or small.

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