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Our History

In the fall of 1968 a group of about 70 people led by their pastor, Jack McDaniel, and desiring to be free from any convention or other outside organization began an Independent Baptist Church. Knowing that it would take much faith and knowing they wanted to carry out the great commission they took the name Faith Missionary Baptist Church. Later, the word “missionary” was dropped to shorten the name and to distinguish it from the denomination that uses that name. The name changed, but the zeal for missions never waned.

The church was organized and Basil Deck donated the ground and work on the building began in October of 1968. The group met in homes until the building was completed enough to be used for worship. After only a few months, in July of 1968, the building was destroyed by fire believed to be caused by lightning.


The church then began to meet in a vacant church building on East College Street in Crawfordsville. Lester Swoverland, Dick Baker, and Harry Hybarger encouraged and helped the people to continue. In November of 1969, they called Jerry Stump to pastor the church and he led them in building the present building in 1972.

Since that time Pastor J.D. Watson, Pastor Dave Clark, Pastor Mike Bebout, Pastor Bob Parker, Pastor Henry Stewart, and Pastor Bill Johnson have led the church. Pastor Tony Roe has led the church for the past 25 years.

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