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Our Staff

Keith and Barbara

Pastor Keith Harris

Keith did not grow up in a Christian home. He was invited to church by the youth group of Central Baptist Church in Ponca City, OK. After attending for about a year, Keith struggled with his abusive home life and was contemplating taking his own life. Before he could do anything, the Holy Spirit prompted him with the question, “Where will you go when you die?”. It was right then that Keith realized he was lost without Jesus. The next night, before the church service began, Keith asked to speak with his youth pastor. They met in a small room in the back of the church and that is were Keith asked Jesus Christ to be his Saviour.


A few months later, a missionary from Scotland came to the church. Keith felt the Lord calling him into full-time service. He surrendered and went off to Heartland Baptist Bible College a year after he graduated high school. It was there that he met his wife, Barbara. They have 4 children.

After serving in Scotland as a missionary, Keith had to return to the States because of visa issues. Keith became the pastor of Faith Baptist Church on October 2, 2022.

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